Our expert knowledge combined with dedication to innovation and safety, allows our teams to survey your project site with speed and accuracy.


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Leading Provider in LiDAR Survey Solutions

Geolucix utilizes LiDAR and surveying technology to provide 3D LiDAR scanning services throughout the Southeast. Our expert staff provides precise data capture, analysis, and information delivery services to enable our clients to successfully complete their most complex projects. Our clients can expect accurate data capture, documentation, and custom deliverables.

Access to laser scanning and modeling data can be invaluable assets throughout the planning, design, and execution phases of any construction project.  Geolucix provides insightful deliverables that help our clients to design and plan without the expense and concern of unknown barriers and challenges.

Design-Grade Deliverables

Our technicians deploy survey-grade laser scanners that are capable of collecting exact dimensions and measurements within 2-4 mm of accuracy. This laser technology allows us to deliver design-grade data that is within 1 cm of precise accuracy. We also utilize the Online Positioning User Service (OPUS), to gather local atmospheric and other corrections for a higher point of accuracy. Our technicians upload those corrections into our processing, which tightens up the potential error for positioning. As an additional step, we also utilize survey equipment to set Ground Control Points (GCP’s) to line up the point cloud data similar to how traditional survey methods reference collected points with a known point. We even allow our clients the freedom to set their own controls if they choose.

3D Scanning & LiDAR Survey Solutions

Digital data for building life cycle management

Interior and exterior Buildings Scans as well as other Structures

  • Point Cloud to CAD models
  • 2D/3D Conversion
  • Intelligent Revit models
  • 3D CAD Library Development